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Bush Defends Africa Policies

President Bush began a six-day tour of Africa on Saturday to highlight the programs he has launched there to fight disease, poverty and illiteracy, the Washington Post reported.

Although he wanted to focus on the region’s success stories, he had to defend his conflict resolution record in Africa and his choice not to visit troubled places like Kenya or Chad.

He said that he wanted his trip to help others realize success is possible, but Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice would visit Kenya on Monday to pressure the Kenyan president to reach a compromise with his opposition.

Bush also defended his decision not to send troops into Darfur, even though he has said genocide is taking place there, the BBC reported.

He said the decision was made in part to avoid sending troops to another Muslim country.

Last week, director Steven Spielberg withdrew from helping with the Olympics in protest against China’s policy in Darfur, but Bush said he would not take similar action.

“I view the Olympics as a sporting event,? he said to the BBC.

Bush said he would talk to Chinese President Hu Jintao and “remind him that he can do more to relieve the suffering in Darfur,? the BBC said.

According to the Washington Post, Bush aides were “bristled at the notion that he is not doing enough to solve? crisis in Africa.

“We solved Liberia. We solved southern Sudan,? an official said, the Washington Post reported.