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Kosovo Declares Independence from Serbia

Kosovo announced its independence from Serbia on Sunday, the New York Times reported.

Tens of thousands of ethnic Albanians poured into the streets to celebrate the independence announcement.

Many of the Kosovo Serbs did not share in the Albanian’s excitement. Nearly 2,000 Serbs threw stones, lit firecrackers and broke windows at the United States Embassy. Grenades were thrown at the United Nations and Europeans Union buildings. More demonstrations are planned for Monday in Serbian enclaves throughout Kosovo.

According to the European Union, Britain, France and Germany are expected to recognize Kosovo’s declaration by Tuesday. Serbia and its ally Russia, however, are looking for ways to keep other countries from recognizing Kosovo as an independent state.

Ten years ago, Kosovo was engulfed by a civil war between the Serbs and ethnic Albanians which resulted in 10,000 deaths. The United Nations helped end the conflict, but after they intervened Kosovo was left in “years of limbo? under UN rule, the New York Times said. Independence could end that state of uncertainty.