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China says it has control on Lhasa protests

While thousands of Buddhist monks and other Tibetans rioted in the Chinese city of Xiahe on Saturday, China said they regained control of the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, where a mob had destroyed property in a violent riot, The New York Times reported.

In Lhasa, Chinese authorities denied that any protesters had been fired upon; however, Tibetan leaders said 100 Tibetans have now died, 30 at the protest in Lhasa, The New York Times said.

In Xiahe, an estimated 4,000 Tibetans protested for the second consecutive day, although demonstrations were much smaller Friday. The protesters’ slogans were “The Dalai Lama must return to Tibet? and “Tibetans need to have human rights in Tibet.?

The protests contradict the message that China has been trying promote—that Tibets are a satisfied and happy minority.

Some Buddhist monks are protesting against religions restrictions while others want an end to Chinese rule in Tibet.