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Delta, Northwest merger may not happen

Pilots for Delta Air Lines and Northwest Airlines are still unable to reach a seniority agreement, Minnesota Public Radio said.

Chief Financial Officer Ed Bastian said the airline may or may not look for a replacement deal if the Northwest merger falls through, USA Today reported. Bastian said the airline has a “standalone option.?

Delta is also not saying how long it will allow pilots from both sides to negotiate, but they insist that pilots reach an agreement. MPR said that its “clear Delta and Northwest want to avoid anything like the seniority squabble tearing apart US Airways pilots.?

About three years ago, America West Airlines and US Airways merged. Now, however, the pilots of the “one? airline are split into “East? and “West? groups. They, like the Delta and Northwest pilots, cannot agree on seniority. Seniority decides which planes pilots fly. The bigger the plane, the more money they make, MPR said.