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Mugabe's party loses lower house majority for first time ever

The Zimbabwe presidential election results have yet to be announced, but the Senate results were declared Saturday, the BBC said.

According to the Zimbabwe Election Committee, the opposition party Movement for Democratic Change, lead by Morgan Tsvangirai and the Zanu-PF party headed by current president Robert Mugabe tied with 30 seats each.

In the lower house, the opposition parties took 109. Mugabe’s party took 97. It is the first time they have failed to win the majority since the party gained power in 1980 after Zimbabwe’s independence from Britain.

According to The New York Times, Mugabe’s party is demanding a recount for 16 seats in an attempt to regain control.

Tsvangirai, for the first time, said he is the rightful winner of the presidential election. He said numbers posted outside polling stations prove he won the necessary 50 percent of votes.

He said a run-off vote is unnecessary and called for Mugabe to join in talks about a democratic, peaceful transfer of power. He has accused the president of organizing militias in what The New York Times named a “war against the people.?

Tsvangirai’s party is trying to force the election committee to release the presidential election results. A hearing is scheduled for Sunday, The New York Times said.

The events surrounding this election hark back to the 2002 Zimbabwe election. Some believe the presidential win was stolen from Tsvangiarai. As now, Mugabe’s party was accused of violence and election rigging.