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Obama narrowly wins Guam

Sen. Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton in the Guam Democratic Party Caucus by seven votes on Saturday, reported the BBC.

Record amounts of voters showed up to polls, Reuters said. Obama had 2,264 votes, beating Sen. Hilary Clinton who had 2,257 votes. In the last Democratic primary on the Pacific Island, only 1,500 total people participated.

Guam has 8 Democratic delegates with half a vote each, whom Obama and Clinton split.

Neither candidate visited the island, a place more than 20 hours from Washington by plane, but both campaigned by calling into radio stations.

The people of Guam, a territory of the United States since 1898, cannot vote in the presidential election, but the eight delegates and five ‚Äúsuperdelegates‚Ä? will participate in the Democratic Convention.