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Welcome to the Reinventing Reference Collaborative News blog!

This blog is intended to serve to keep you updated on news of the recently formed Reinventing Reference Collaborative. For background information and documents, visit the Collaborative's wiki page, linked on the right sidebar of this blog.

It will also serve as a repository of information on technology trends relevant to reference work. To that end, we're including some information about having blog updates delivered directly to you. Click on "Continue Reading" to learn more about various ways to get blog updates:

For users of Thunderbird, you can have individual blog entries sent to your email, as shown on

For folks who keep their email open all the time and/or prefer it as a central location to receive communications, there are a couple of options.

For users of other email software, you can use < link will be added soon > to get the same results.

If you usually have a browser open all the time, you may prefer to use browser-specific solutions. For Firefox Live Bookmarks, see . For Internet Explorer 7.x, see

These options are also good if you only check one or two blogs on a regular basis.

If you find you want or need to check lots of blogs (or other web pages that generate web feeds), you may prefer a dedicated feed reader. They can be web-based or installed on desktops and some browser-specific plugins are also available. See for
links to dedicated readers.

The important things to remember are that you need only pick one solution and that the right solution is one that will fit into your established work preferences.