LibGuides, a web 2.0 library knowledge sharing system

LibGuides widgets can be placed on a web page or blog, and are used to put library guides at the point of need.

(From the "Springshare" website, http://www.springshare.com/libguides/index.html

"LibGuides is a web 2.0 library knowledge sharing system.

Think of it as social networks meets wikis meets bookmarks meets blogs. LibGuides helps librarians share knowledge and information, while highlighting and promoting the library resources and services to the community.

How Does It Work?
LibGuides is a system for publishing information and creating social networks centered around the library resources. Librarians create Guides (we use the word loosely - it can be any content, on any topic, for any purpose) and then publish them online. The Guides contain documents, links, podcasts, rss feeds, videos, etc. Users can participate in interactive polls and rate the links and resources.

The system supports tagging of content. The homepage displays the tag cloud listing the most popular tags, and the most recent content published. LibGuides delivers relevant information to patrons, while encouraging them to browse the library resources via tags and subject keywords. LibGuides helps you share knowledge and build relationships with your customers. And it makes you look good in the process.

LibGuides is also available from facebook®, enabling your users to access the library content, chat with reference librarians, and even search the catalog, all from their facebook homepage. The system is fully customizable, enabling you to offer a cutting-edge web 2.0 tool with your library brand on it."