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April 30, 2008

Help Shape the Next Generation of Educational Leaders

What prompted you to pursue administrative licensure? When asked why they pursued their administrative license, many aspiring and practicing educational administrators report that they were encouraged to do so by their superintendent, principal, director of community education, or director of special education.

You probably know someone with the potential to become an excellent administrative and learning leader. We encourage you to identify these individuals and counsel them into the University of Minnesota’s licensure program for educational administrators. Click on "Continue reading 'Help Shape the Next Generation of Educational Leaders'" for downloadable message cards that you can sign and give to those whom you would like to field mentor. What a powerful way to assure the next generation of children will benefit from strong school leadership!!

Download K-12 principal notecard

Download superintendent notecard

Download director of community education notecard

Download file

Summer and Fall 2008 Registration Going on Now!

Do you procrastinate and register for classes at the last minute? If you do, you run the risk that some classes may close or others may be cancelled because of low enrollment. Registration for both summer and fall 2008 is currently underway so don't delay! Click here and register today!

If you want help choosing your classes, Gloria Kumagai or Ann Werner will be happy to offer some guidance. Plus, Karen Potter is eager to answer your questions regarding the technicalities of registration.

You can even register for classes if you aren't admitted to a program at the University. Simply complete and submit an Application for Non-Degree Seeking Students. Please note, however, that if you take classes as a non-degree seeking student, you will not qualify for financial aid nor will you be able to pay your tuition in installments.

April 29, 2008

Changes in Minnesota Rule 3512 Governing the Licensing of Educational Administrators

New Rules go into effect on September 1, 2008

The Minnesota Board of School Administrators has completed a full revision of the language in MR 3512 including the development of a new set of competencies. Although you may choose to follow the new competencies immediately, students admitted prior to September 1, 2008 also have the option to follow the old (1997) rules if they complete their program by August 31, 2010.

The core components of the 1997 rule and its 2008 revisions are the same. Nevertheless, some of the language within these components—such as the competencies—is quite different. Rather than a separate set of competencies for each of the four licenses, there will be one core list that will be applied to everyone, plus a few additional competencies specific to each license. Among other changes, the field experience requirements and the teaching requirements for alternative licensure students have been expanded.

Need a little direction regarding this rule change? Contact Ann Werner, Ph.D., 612/626-8647 or Gloria Kumagai, Ph.D., 612/626-8244.

Download New K-12 Principal Competencies

Download New Superintendent Competencies

Download New Director of Special Education Competencies

Download New Director of Community Education Competencies

Thank you! Thank you!

Numerous professionals graciously contribute their time to help us determine whether candidates present the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to perform all of the competencies in the licensing regulations. We thank the following people for serving as licensure review panelists since the last newsletter.

Thanks to Tom Barker, Katie Berglund, Elise Block, Debra Bowers, Mary Bynes Chorewycz, Celeste Carty, Judy Coley, Melanie DeLuca, Tom Dickhudt, Jane Drennen, Lori Fildes, Marty Fischer, Connie Fladeland, Russ Fraenkel, Denny Germann, Carole Gupton, Don Hainlen, Jim Hoogheem, Jerry Horgen, Dan Jett, Jackie Johnston, Karen Keffeler, Tom Keith, Elmer Koch, Randy Koch, Vern Koepp, Juliane Kvalbein, Bob Laney, David Law, Jeanne Leland, Mary Manderfeld, Jon McBroom, Mike McLoughlin, Brad Meeks, Donna Nelson, Neal Nickerson, Steve Norlin-Weaver, Dave O’Connor, Julie Ohman, Craig Paul, Ernie Pines, Mary Rae, Steve Root, Joan Rourke, Robert Rygh, Dewey Schara, Noel Schmidt, Pat Schmidt, Ruth Schultz, Carla Schulz, Wendy Shannon, Stan Slessor, Rita Thofern, Bonnie Thoms, Teri Turner, Beth Wilke, Loy Woelber, and Bernadette Wood.

If you are interested in serving as a licensure review panelist, contact Karen Potter. You will receive 3 CEUs each time you participate.

Job Well Done

Kudos to all of our students who completed challenging coursework, passed a rigorous panel, and received endorsement for administrative licensure! Continue reading to see just who these admirable individuals are!

Director of Community Education
Lynn Gallandat

Director of Special Education
Daniel Armagost
Ruth Ann Collins
Pamela O'Connell
Cara Quinn
Matthew Rodgers
Sandy Strand

K-12 Principal
John Lai Alberts
Jean Cady
Michael Cary
Patrick Duffy
Greta Evans-Becker
Steven T. Flucas
Sam Fredrickson
Kimberly Kause
Elaine Mehdizadeh
Rebecca Melville
Megan Miller
Michael Pretasky
Michael Redmond
Brian Schoen
Janna Schwimmer
Sarah Shultz
Michael Smoczyk
Jennifer Tolzmann
Sarah Windlow

Bernadeia Johnson
Sally Latimer
Marcia Moore-Foster
Randy Nelson
Michael Smoczyk

Ed.D. Program for Educators in PK-12 Schools

New Cohort begins Fall 2008--Application Deadline is June 1, 2008

Been thinking about going for your doctorate? This may be just the program for you! Not only will you work through the Ed.D. program in a cohort group with other dynamic educators, you'll also learn from a well-respected faculty of instructors whose research focuses on educational leadership and school change.

Click here to find out more!

New Course Titles

If you've looked at the summer 2008 schedule recently you've no doubt noticed that the licensure courses are sporting new titles (but not new numbers). We believe the new titles better reflect the leadership focus of our program.

Click on the following link to see how the old and new titles correspond to one another.

Licensure Course Title Changes

April 28, 2008

EdPA 5374 Leadership for Professional Development Offered Fall 2008/Spring 2009

Find out for yourself why past participants are so enthusiastic about EdPA 5374!

"Depth and consistency of feedback is outstanding--like I've never experienced as a student!"
"An unbelievably rich course!"
"Excellent course! I would recommend this course to any educator."

This 4-credit graduate course, taught by Dr. Jennifer York-Barr, is designed for people interested in the design, implementation, and evaluation of professional development for PK-12 personnel. It is grounded in research and focused on effective practices that promote continuous learning and development to increase student achievement.

Not only do students enrolled in U of M College of Education and Human Development graduate programs take EdPA 5374, but practicing educators from throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin do, too. It is required for the graduate-level certificate in professional development offered by the University of Minnesota, but course participants are not required to enroll in the certificate program.

When does EdPA 5374 meet?
Class meets once per month throughout the academic year. Dates for 2008-2009 are: Wednesday, September 17; Saturday, October 11; Wednesday, November 12; Saturday, December 6; Wednesday, January 28; Saturday, February 21; Wednesday, March 11; Saturday, April 4; and Wednesday, May 6. Wednesday classes meet from 4:40--9:30pm. Saturday classes meet from 8:30am--3:30pm.

What topics will be covered in EdPA 5374?
Topics include: standards for staff development practice (systemic and role-specific); reflective practice and designs for professional learning; design and facilitation of group learning; induction with mentoring; and evaluation. The monthly meeting schedule eases travel demands and allows for reflection and application between sessions.

How to Register
If you are a current U of M student simply go to One Stop and add EdPA 5374 to your fall schedule. If you are not a currently enrolled in a program at the University, contact Dr. Dick Nunneley, EdPA's Coordinator of Graduate Studies, for assistance.

Want more information?
Dr. Jennifer York-Barr will be happy to answer your questions.

EdPA 5322 Leaders in the Superintendency and Central Office Offered Summer 2008

Have you ever considered becoming a superintendent? If you think you might step into a superintendent's shoes someday, you should seriously consider taking EdPA 5322 (Leaders in the Superintendency and Central Office) taught by Professor C. Cryss Brunner. Students, teachers, administrators, and acting superintendents are all welcome to take part in this innovative course.

According to Charlie Kyte, executive director of Minnesota Association of School Administrators, 60-70 superintendent positions and quite a few central office administration positions will become available this year.

This is an excellent time to pursue your superintendent’s license. Not only is there a growing need for school superintendents, but many of courses that are required to qualify you for licensure are available summer 2008. Two key courses—Leading School Finance Elections and Leaders in the Superintendency and Central Office—are only offered in the summer.

Leaders in the Superintendency and Central Office focuses heavily on individual capacity building. Instructional and technology leadership, transformational leadership, and collaborative leadership will be addressed, as well the sometimes illusive methods for attaining a position. The class includes Experiential Simulations (ES) that immerse the participant in “real? world dilemmas and situations.

Topics include:
•Authentic communication in various forms
•Authentic participatory decision making
•Attention to differences in career paths
•Power, including the intersection of power and decision making
•Attention to professional standards for the superintendency

User friendly features:
•The first class is a one-on-one appointment with Dr. Brunner during the week of May 19. Participants will work with Dr. Brunner to assess individual needs and do online training.
•Class meets on-campus only two weekends beyond the individual first class and three times via the web. No parking hassles!

Class schedule:
One-on-one interview/tech training session : By appointment during the week of May 19
Three online classes: June 24 (Tues) 1:00-5:00; July 1 (Tues) 1:00-5:00; July 8 (Tues) 1:00-5:00
Two weekends on campus (Friday and Saturday): July 18 & 19 (10:10-3:10) and July 25 & 26 (10:10-3:10)

You must contact Dr. Brunner by May 16 for permission to register for this class.

Don't delay! Summer registration closes for this class on May 16.

Alternatives to Violence Project Workshop

Conflicts will always be around--But we have the power to transform our response to them
The Alternatives to Violence Project will hold a weekend workshop May 30, 31, and June 1 focused on developing new skills to cope with violence, our own and others, and build community. Learn more about this 21-hour hands-on program by clicking on the link below.

Neighborhoods win and community life is enhanced when we practice new skills to cope with violence and cooperate with one another.
Alternatives to Violence Project Workshop

April 21, 2008


Our students, our graduates and our faculty frequently stand out as educational leaders. Let's give a round of applause to the following individuals for their accomplishments!

Ted Blaesing, White Bear Lake Area Schools superintendent and EdPA 5393 instructor. Ted has been chosen as the 2008 recipient of the J. Stanley and Doris Hill Legacy Award in recognition of a lifetime of outstanding community service.

Mike Lovett, Minnetonka Public Schools assistant superintendent and EdPA 5348 co-instructor. Mike has been selected as the new superintendent for White Bear Lake Area Schools, to replace retiring superintendent Ted Blaesing.

Ben Kusch, assistant principal at Tartan Senior High School in Oakdale. Ben has been hired as the new principal for Farmington High School.

Greg Gentle, education coordinator for Valley Crossing Community School in Woodbury. Greg has accepted a principal position in New Richmond, Wisconsin.

You've Finished Your Program--Let's Celebrate!

Licensure students who have been recommended for endorsement are invited to the EdPA Commencement Reception on Friday, May 9. If you completed your license between September 2007 and April 2008, you should have received an invitation from EdPA's Dan Grafton. Weren't invited but think you should be? Let Karen Potter know right away.

April 17, 2008

Introducing The Leader

First a traditional paper newsletter, then an e-newsletter, The Leader has now evolved into a blog! Why the change, you ask? Because this new format will allow us to more easily bring you up-to-the-minute news about the administrative licensure program, the Department of Educational Policy, and other items of interest to aspiring and practicing school administrators. To stay on top of all the latest happenings, be sure to subscribe to our RSS Feed.

We want to hear from you! What do you want to see in The Leader? Contact Karen Potter with your suggestions for how we can make this a must-read blog. Our goal is to share information that is not only interesting but also useful to you whether you are preparing for, beginning, or continuing a career as a school administrator. So don't be shy! Tell us what you think and help us make The Leader--well, there's no other way to say it--the leader in keeping you informed!