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Job Well Done

Kudos to all of our students who completed challenging coursework, passed a rigorous panel, and received endorsement for administrative licensure! Continue reading to see just who these admirable individuals are!

Director of Community Education
Lynn Gallandat

Director of Special Education
Daniel Armagost
Ruth Ann Collins
Pamela O'Connell
Cara Quinn
Matthew Rodgers
Sandy Strand

K-12 Principal
John Lai Alberts
Jean Cady
Michael Cary
Patrick Duffy
Greta Evans-Becker
Steven T. Flucas
Sam Fredrickson
Kimberly Kause
Elaine Mehdizadeh
Rebecca Melville
Megan Miller
Michael Pretasky
Michael Redmond
Brian Schoen
Janna Schwimmer
Sarah Shultz
Michael Smoczyk
Jennifer Tolzmann
Sarah Windlow

Bernadeia Johnson
Sally Latimer
Marcia Moore-Foster
Randy Nelson
Michael Smoczyk