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Thank you! Thank you!

Numerous professionals graciously contribute their time to help us determine whether candidates present the knowledge, skills, and dispositions required to perform all of the competencies in the licensing regulations. We thank the following people for serving as licensure review panelists since the last newsletter.

Thanks to Tom Barker, Katie Berglund, Elise Block, Debra Bowers, Mary Bynes Chorewycz, Celeste Carty, Judy Coley, Melanie DeLuca, Tom Dickhudt, Jane Drennen, Lori Fildes, Marty Fischer, Connie Fladeland, Russ Fraenkel, Denny Germann, Carole Gupton, Don Hainlen, Jim Hoogheem, Jerry Horgen, Dan Jett, Jackie Johnston, Karen Keffeler, Tom Keith, Elmer Koch, Randy Koch, Vern Koepp, Juliane Kvalbein, Bob Laney, David Law, Jeanne Leland, Mary Manderfeld, Jon McBroom, Mike McLoughlin, Brad Meeks, Donna Nelson, Neal Nickerson, Steve Norlin-Weaver, Dave O’Connor, Julie Ohman, Craig Paul, Ernie Pines, Mary Rae, Steve Root, Joan Rourke, Robert Rygh, Dewey Schara, Noel Schmidt, Pat Schmidt, Ruth Schultz, Carla Schulz, Wendy Shannon, Stan Slessor, Rita Thofern, Bonnie Thoms, Teri Turner, Beth Wilke, Loy Woelber, and Bernadette Wood.

If you are interested in serving as a licensure review panelist, contact Karen Potter. You will receive 3 CEUs each time you participate.