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June 26, 2008

Leapfrog Institutes Bringing Creativity and Innovation to Education

Join us in our discussions on building positive futures for PreK-21 education!

The Department of Educational Policy and Administration’s new Leapfrog Institutes mission is to build positive futures for human capital development through the infusion of creativity and innovation in education. We accomplish this mission through collaborative delivery of services with educators, industry and the communities we serve.

Leapfrog Institutes members are school districts and other organizations that aim to lead a paradigmatic jump into best case uses of existing and cutting-edge technologies in hardware, software, and intellectual formats. Learn more about leapfrogging online by clicking here.

June 25, 2008

Job Well Done!

May and June were busy months for the licensure program with nine students receiving endorsement for administrative licensure. Kudos to the following dedicated, hardworking souls!

Director of Community Education
Christopher Chalmers
Peggy Kennedy

Amy Hamborg

K-12 Principal
Jamie Carlson
Stacey Loos
Chuck Ochocki
Julie Ohman
Peter Olson-Skog
Michael Tweed

June 20, 2008

EdPA Graduate Students are Winners!

A pat on the back to all of our graduate students who have won awards this year--well done! Click here to see a list of award winners.