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EdPA 5374: Leadership for Professional Development

Find out for yourself why past participants are so enthusiastic about EdPA 5374!

"Depth and consistency of feedback is outstanding--like I've never experienced as a student!"
"An unbelievably rich course!"
"Excellent course! I would recommend this course to any educator."

This 4-credit graduate course, taught by Dr. Jennifer York-Barr, is designed for people interested in the design, implementation, and evaluation of professional development for PK-12 personnel. It is grounded in research and focused on effective practices that promote continuous learning and development to increase student achievement.

Not only do students enrolled in U of M College of Education and Human Development graduate programs take EdPA 5374, but practicing educators from throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin do, too. It is required for the graduate-level certificate in professional development , but course participants are not required to enroll in the certificate program.

When does EdPA 5374 meet?
Class meets once per month throughout the academic year. Dates for 2008-2009 are: Wednesday, September 17; Saturday, October 11; Wednesday, November 12; Saturday, December 6; Wednesday, January 28; Saturday, February 21; Wednesday, March 11; Saturday, April 4; and Wednesday, May 6. Wednesday classes meet from 4:40--9:30pm. Saturday classes meet from 8:30am--3:30pm.

What topics will be covered in EdPA 5374?
Topics include: standards for staff development practice (systemic and role-specific); reflective practice and designs for professional learning; design and facilitation of group learning; induction with mentoring; and evaluation. The monthly meeting schedule eases travel demands and allows for reflection and application between sessions.

How to Register
If you are a current U of M student simply go to One Stop and add EdPA 5374 to your fall schedule. If you are not a currently enrolled in a program at the University, contact Dr. Dick Nunneley, EdPA's Coordinator of Graduate Studies, for assistance.

Want more information?
Dr. Jennifer York-Barr will be happy to answer your questions.