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MESPA Article on Leapfrog Institutes

The Minnesota Elementary School Principals’ Association recently published an article on Leapfrog Institutes in their latest newsletter, saying in part:

The Leapfrog Institutes at the University of Minnesota intends to foster a sustainable culture of innovation in our schools. You are invited to participate in discussions on building positive futures for PreK-21 education in the communities served by the Leapfrog Institutes. MESPA is a Collaborating Institution in this incredibly important infusion of creativity and innovation in education.


Leapfrog Institutes can visit your school and share what Leapfrogging is all about, possibilities for how to address your district or school needs, and how imagination, creativity, and innovation can expand at ridiculously low expense. And these expansions don’t need to occur in the regular school day. They can be extracurricular, involving self-chosen teachers, students, parents, and other members of our education communities!

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