May 2, 2008

Only at the U!

Mix and match courses to earn multiple educational leadership credentials for the same cost as one… Only at the University of Minnesota!

It’s true! In the time it takes you to meet the State of Minnesota’s 60 semester credit requirement for administrative licensure, you can earn multiple licenses, certificates, and degrees.

Click here to see an example of how this could work for you. In the sample column our student will earn a master's in education leadership (M.Ed), PK-12 principal and school superintendent licenses, a certificate in PK-12 administration, a certificate in professional development, and an education specialist (Ed.S.) degree—all within the requisite 60 credits specified in MN Rule 3512 for earning either a K-12 principal, director of special education, or superintendent’s license. (The director of community education is also available but fewer credits are required by the State.)

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April 30, 2008

Help Shape the Next Generation of Educational Leaders

What prompted you to pursue administrative licensure? When asked why they pursued their administrative license, many aspiring and practicing educational administrators report that they were encouraged to do so by their superintendent, principal, director of community education, or director of special education.

You probably know someone with the potential to become an excellent administrative and learning leader. We encourage you to identify these individuals and counsel them into the University of Minnesota’s licensure program for educational administrators. Click on "Continue reading 'Help Shape the Next Generation of Educational Leaders'" for downloadable message cards that you can sign and give to those whom you would like to field mentor. What a powerful way to assure the next generation of children will benefit from strong school leadership!!

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