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First off, I would like to state that I love the concept of multi-genre papers, I believe that they allow students of all strengths an opportunity to succeed and even showoff their talents and abilities. I further love how the idea allows for a writer to take multiple perspectives on a topic and even personalize different elements that they otherwise would not have. My only skepticism is how do you grade a multi-genre paper against a more traditional paper? Would they both stand up to the same rubric? Do you make a multi-genre paper an acceptible response to any assignment? These are the questions that have haunted me since the reading.

With modern technology being ever present in the educational field, I was able to see a multi-genre paper as a very similar assignment to a power-point presentation. I feel that both can display similar results. Both break away from a traditional paper. Both tie many forms to a similar theme (thesis?). Both use more descriptive words and pictures as a means of representing what they hope to say. I see this as many unique and convenient similarities. By introducing the presentation of a multi-genre assignment as a power point possibility, I feel it would allow the students even more room to express themselves(music, video, and sound).

Lastly, I would love to figure out how to make a multi-genre paper an acceptable response to any assignment, but am not sure the best way to do so. I can see an easy similarity to writing about a book or a character/writer, but what about when the assignments are more about rhetoric and persuasion? If anyone reads this blog and has any recommendations, pleas do tell.

This website gives a step-by-step approach to teaching multi-genre literacy, with very good examples. Check it out, you'll like it.


Aaron, yes, they are fun---but at what costs? Rolling around in the snow is fun, but that offers little academic value. Sure, there are some skills learned (creativity, expression) but I worry that using multi-genre papers (too often) will close all the universities because all the students will fail.

I have a couple thoughts in response to your post about multi-genre papers versus traditional papers. As I see it, a multi-genre paper would not be appropriate for every assignment. Depending on what you want students to learn and practice, a more traditional paper may cover your bases better. In your example of a persuasion based paper, I think students should be asked to write in the most appropriate form to demonstrate their ability to persuade. In fact, students should be aware of the appropriate genre of writing for every topic they write about. Within a multi-genre paper, students still need to select the appropriate genre for their idea. That’s the beauty of multi-genre papers. It gets students thinking about the audience and purpose of a piece of writing. I love the idea too and can’t wait to use it in my own classroom!