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Grammarians revolt me

II wrote this whole entire blog and then my computer freaked out and it is lost. My original entry was witty, forward, and relevant, but because this situation has pissed me off (as I'm sure you all know it does), this blog will be direct and humorless. I hate computers and hope I do not set off an alarm with the steam that is shooting out of my ears. Grammar and grammar lessons are unneeded and irrelevant. I was never taught grammar in school, and found that by reading and going through editing processes as a class, I learned to write just fine. In fact, I find myself enjoying the writing, which I could not guarantee would have been the results if I would have had diagramed sentences shoved down my throats in the process. Who needs to know the mechanics of a microwave in order to heat your food? No one wants to know all the cogs or bolts of anything (unless you are an IT kid, and look how they all interact.) Writing needs to be fun and inventive. The students need to see it as an outlet for conveying a story, creating an argument, evoking or displaying emotions, or discovering a deeper context to an issue. When you force mechanics over ideas, students will lose their creativities, adventurism, or even care for writing. Sure, Williams opted to let us know how Latin evolved into the grammar for that we use in today's world, but who really cares.
If you are all for grammar, more power to you, but when you are busy trying to explain what a predicate nominative is, and how to understand the pompous and overblown definitions provided by grammarians; I will be helping the students take chances in their writings and allowing them to fail in their first couple drafts as a means for them to understand what works and what does not. I want the students to want to write, and I want them to read because with reading comes better writing, I could care less if grammar is taught to them at all. I think I turned out pretty well.

Here is a web site full of fun grammar things, cause if you do intend to teach it, you should at least make it fun