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Romano, I want to have your babies!

Just when you thinj teaching has become redundant, along comes a great mind like Romano!!! Seriously, though, Romano has some fantastic ideas and exercised that would be very easy to add into any classroom format. I love his section on poetry (especially the multiple vouice poem). He has some strong ideas that create very relevant, personal, and powerful pieces. I think that poetry does need to be a bigger part of the class, so it does not intimidate the students as much. Does this mean I intend to start every class out with a reading of a poem? I can't say that I like the sound of my own voice that much, but I might allow that option for the students if they would like to bring in a favorite poem or lyric. I also enjoyed how he broke down the Haiku's. I feel like stressing on the conventions of a poem take away the importance of the feelings and meanings of a poem. Call me Bohemian (which I am), but it should all be about the raw emotion, because raw emotion is what encourages students to be excited to write.
This ties into the next set of readings. Yes I love creative writing and raw emotion that destroys all formulas, but I totally side with the teachers that support the five-part essay. I believe teaching the elements of such a writing form allows the students to learn the importances of structure and cohesion, but I do not agree that such a formulqa should be taught as the endall of writing. I too struggled the first time I had to write a paper with more than three points. It was on that day that my father sat me down and said, "Son (as he was opt to call me), life does not fit within the means of a mandatory structure. All rules are meant to be stretched all black and white contain a grey, and not every paper will fit in the five part essay structure."
I answered, "But dad, the five-part essay is all I know. Without it I am lost! Sinking deeper and deeper into this quicksand of vulnerability. Have my teacher's led me astray? left me alone in a wolf's den wearing T-bone steaks? How could I have been so misguided. I trusted them, and they have betrayed me!"
To which my father said, " Aaron, quit being so melodramatic."
Such is the story, but it did teach me that there need to be multple methods taught, but without the five-part essay being taught to me, my papers would be as well structured as... this blog and it's ramblings. Therefore, go five-part essays, but go also creativity and Romano

Who would have known that there is so many poetry styles. I recommend checking out this web site to learn more about the style you could teach.


Yo Aaron,
It's Dan here from the cohort. First let me say that your title is priceless and I laughed my ass off. Also, the story of you and your father...you must have a pretty good memory to transcribe it...is that verbatim? Although he is right that you can be dramatic, I think you bring up a valid point that the 5 paragraph essay is as valuable as a multigenre paper for students in the long term. The 5 paragraph essay isn't going to go away any time soon, so we as teachers need to work with it much like standards and things of that nature. See you in class and we've gotta get lunch at South Monday. Aight! Peace out boy scout.