The Box.


This is a picture of the box in progress. It is 18" tall and 48" wide. I used a real light black spray paint mist to emphasize the wood grain. After it dried i sanded it away, and finished it with a "ebony" wood stain. Resulting in a glossy black finish.




The tile press.


The die- 4" x 4"


A ball of low fire white clay (cone 03-04). Roughly 10 onces


Beginning to press (manual)


Press complete.


Switch to turn on the air which comes through small holes in the die to release the clay, refraining it from being stuck.


Bottom die releases first, when the press is still complete


Because the bottom is released it is now stuck to the top.


Once you turn the air to the top die, it then falls gently with out damaging the perfectly smooth surface.


After the press is complete, the clay now looks like this.


By using a exacto knife you carefully trim up the edges that are half way pressed in.


A single completed tile.


Multiple, top and bottom.


Next, placed into the kiln.


Unfired. fired.



I stumbled across this website, . It is a huge help when trying to pick out color schemes and choices. The coolest part is that it gives you the exact code for each color chosen so you can then go into photoshop or whathaveyou and get those exact colors. Check it out!

Project Update!

Just to keep everyone updated on the progress of my project, I now have almost 110 tiles pressed. Around 65 have already been fired and ready for the final image to begin taking shape. Once the kiln cools enough to get these out, a few will be used as test tiles to find the perfect process. We ran into several problems regarding the transfer paper that we bought in the school store. I placed a order for a new brand which will hopefully pick up the image twice as clear. Images should be up in the next week + examples in class.

stay tuned.

Check it.. Who knew elephants were soo damn artistic!

Internet Distractions-

Embed was disabled.. but check out this video. It is pretty humorous.

Internet Distractions- College Humor

Meet the Artist- Richard Notkin

Richard Notkin

"The Gift"

Detail of "The Gift"

The image above is "The Gift." The subject is one which has preoccupied Richard Notkin for most of his professional career. and was what first drew my interest to his work. This large installation consists of 1106 individual tiles and a pile of "ears" (below). Each tile is 4" x 4" - saw dust fired to achieve the variations needed in black and grey and white. In order to have enough tiles to assemble the image, Richard made over 1700 tiles.




Print on a ceramic tile

Draw + Decal Exhibit Tour

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