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Print on a ceramic tile

Draw + Decal Exhibit Tour

UMD's very own James Klueg!

Toner Transfer to Clay

Screen Printing on CLAY.

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This is one of the process' in which I will be using to get my imagery onto the clay surface. There are multiple different process; low relief/indentation, screen printing, water color painting glazes and so on. The link below is a great video to get an idea of what will be taking place
Screen Printing on Clay

Jeff Irwin

Jeff Irwin does tons of different things with ceramics and imagery.. these happen to be my favorites. The link to his entire site is posted beneath the images.

call home

rembering nature

shooting nature

Jeff Irwin

Frank James Fisher

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In class, we kinda touched on Todd Shanafelt and his exploration digital images and ceramics. So I will attach a link to his website. In his recent work you will notice his images on clay, he uses a screen print technique with a black slip as the ink. Take a look, its pretty interesting stuff.

Another artist, which many i'm sure are familiar with, is Jim Klueg. His imagery work onto his clay body really is amazing. Again take a look.

Just two artist to check out right now. More to come.



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