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I stumbled across this website, colorschemedesigner.com . It is a huge help when trying to pick out color schemes and choices. The coolest part is that it gives you the exact code for each color chosen so you can then go into photoshop or whathaveyou and get those exact colors. Check it out!

Project Update!

Just to keep everyone updated on the progress of my project, I now have almost 110 tiles pressed. Around 65 have already been fired and ready for the final image to begin taking shape. Once the kiln cools enough to get these out, a few will be used as test tiles to find the perfect process. We ran into several problems regarding the transfer paper that we bought in the school store. I placed a order for a new brand which will hopefully pick up the image twice as clear. Images should be up in the next week + examples in class.

stay tuned.

Check it.. Who knew elephants were soo damn artistic!

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