December 6, 2005

What i learn from lincoln.

In my blogging session to lincoln school i didnt learn anything about it. I didnt get any responses so i just kind of wrote random things on the blogs about the topic i was given. I learned nothing from this, so there isnt much to write here. I guess it was good writtig to you even if i was the only one to read it.

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November 29, 2005

Thanks giving

Hello...This blog is about my thanks giving which i never celebrate because i find it a meaningless holiday. On the thanks giving day i woke up at around 1:30pm, i had stayed up late the night before. After a while of being awake and watching some tv i decided to eat some cereal, so i did. I kind of ate alot of cereal and watched tv all day. Later at night after my friend got off work we hung out for awhile. And that is what i did in that "holiday".

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November 15, 2005

Fun class

I'm taking four classes this first semester of college. My favorite class is performing arts because there isnt really any writting, it's mostly class participation. I also have to go watch play for this class, i've seen two so far "Mad Dancers" and "Midnight Summer's Dream". They are funny plays, i tought they were fun to watch. Next weekend im goin gto watch another one which i hope is funny too. Another thing i like about this class is that we get days off when we have to see plays, so somedays i dont even have to go to school becasue i just dont have that class. The teacher is also very funny, even though this class is fun i could still easly fall asleep in it.

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November 8, 2005

Tips to being a better student

Some things that help me to be a better student are:
-Managing my time
-Enough hours of sleep
-Healthy diet
-Taking notes in class
-Reading notes after class
-Not wasting too much time
-Putting attention in class

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November 1, 2005

Lincoln school bloging

The things i like about college are that i can have my classes during the eveneing so i dont have to wake up early mornings. Another thing i like is that i only have about 3-4 hrs of class a day. Because of going to the UoM i can get some good benefits like the semester bus pass and good job opportunities.

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October 13, 2005

Blog Essay

I was thinking about comparing the comminity in which lincoln school is located compared to the school i went to Mexico.I want to compare the students ethnicity and poverty level.The school i went to in Mexico was located in a kind of closed area. It was a private school and they didnt have free or reduced lunch, everyone either brought it or bought it at school.The second part of elemantary schooling i did was in a catholic school also private. That school was located in a ok community, but there were some junkies and alcoholics around because of the bar that was located close by. In that school they didnt have free or reduced lunch, you also had to buy it there or bring it from home. Students at thoses schools didnt worry about drug issues, violence or sexual offenders. All they thought of was their liitle games and school.

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Blog 13 OCT 2005

I have not been making entries in my blog for a while, because i keep fogeting about doing them. The assigment abouot the elementary school seems kind of interesting, and im looking foward reading the letters. The movie we saw was funny but sad, because it's weird how that kind of conditions could be set for students.

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September 29, 2005

Observations about Lincoln

I notice that in this school most of the students show up to school and "participate" in the school activities, but they are not achieving anything out of it. Half of the students dont feel like the adults in the school are going to keep them safe and another thirty percent of the students say that students dont show respect for teachers that may be because most teachers are white and seventy percent of the students are black. I also notice that the school has very low prophecency, and a lot of students that live in that district are going to schools in other districts showing that it must not be a very good school.

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September 22, 2005

About "Mean Girls: A Real Case Study"

It was a very interesting story about how people can turn to their friends for a stupid reason or no reason what so ever. The story was well focused on the main event that was the mean girls, but i'd like to know more about why the would do that to the house when they were supposed to be friends or why didn't they just tell her to stop talking to them instead of trashing her house like that.

The details of how the house was trashed were very well explained and it made me picture in my mind what the house looked like with all the food on the yard.

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September 6, 2005

Introducing Yourslef

I used to live in a apartment in a very busy street where there is a couple of factories, there werent any green ares around.

The thing i like most about highschool was sleeping through half my classes.

My best teacher was Mrs. Taube because she used to call me Mr. lazy ass for sleeping alot, and my worst teacher was Mr. Severson because he didnt really do anything besides sitting at his desk.

It was ok considering that i didnt try very hard.

I decided to go to college on july of this year after the UoM reconsider my application.

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