March 12, 2008

Just a comment

I thought I'd post a brief note of commendation as well as one of criticism.

First of all, a great job to all who presented on Monday and good luck to anyone who did not.

Second, everyone did a great job, some more than others (i.e., Pete B.), and it was interesting to get a gist of what everyone was feeling or thinking of when they wrote their poems. It was certainly fun for me to go up first, not even having a background in poetry, but I enjoyed it. And I hope everyone enjoyed my poems as I enjoyed theirs. Constructive criticism is always welcome:

Last, but not the least, it is against common practice to interrupt a speaker...of any kind. I noticed that I was interrupted and a few others were to. By convention, when someone is up at the podium speaking, audience members should not ENTER or exit the rooms. It is rude, disrespectful, and distracting, and when you think about how fearful it can be to speak in front of people, particularly classmates you know, such a distraction can quickly lead to a disastrous outcomes (i.e., poor delivery style, oblivious actions, etc.). Generally, an audience member not inside the room at the start of the delivery waits outside the room until the speaker is (a) pausing in between points; or (b) walking away from the podium having completed the speech (poems, in our case).

The reason I'm sharing this is that despite my extensive experience in public speaking, I know I got distracted and it definitely affected my performance and I was irritated because of that. Besides, this is a class forum and we're supposed to share not only the great work we do, but also comments for further improvement, in an open manner so long as it is respectful.


-- Abhi

March 10, 2008

Take 2 :) Margarita's Poetry Recordings!

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Margarita Neusheva's 4 poem Reading!


Libby Issendorf's Midterm

"Newburg, North Dakota"

"Under Stars" and "To My Father"

I couldn't get the blog to work so I uploaded the tracks to my own site. These are the links. They need to load 100% before they will play in my browser, and they're 4.0MB and 1.5MB, respectively, so give them a few minutes. Thanks...

Intervention of a Stained Mirror

Download file


Download file

Abysmal Attraction

Download file

Soft and Secret Kisses - Matt Knutson

Download file

Peter Wagstrom's Midterm Recording

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Midterm Recording by Abhi Kumar

Public speaking is one thing, but THIS, as exciting as it was, is so not my thing ... ... ...

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Elizabeth O'Brien-Midterm

Download file


Download file

My Life as an Unaccomplished Eagle

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Enough - Matt Knutson

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Jessica Gabriel - Midterm Recording

Peace, yo!

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