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March 27, 2006

comments on previous two projects

the self portrait project as very interesting and fun to do. Everyone had so many unique ideas. A few of my favorites from this class were Jodies's, Taryn's and Lisa's. I liked the way that jodie had herself painted and the reverse imagery. I also liked the pen and ink drawing that was overlayed on top of the portrait. Taryn had a great concept with keeping it look like she was trapped in a box. There was some great perspective usage and I enjoyed her color choices. Finally Lisa's was so dark and mysterious which I really enjoyed. I liked that she used her own photography and the trees. As for mine, I chose to make it look like a coloring book which I felt represented me and my style of art.

the story project was a bit more of a challenge than the previous but overall I enjoyed doing it. I chose to tell the story of the "Ugly Duckling" in a more modern way. The project is made of ten digital prints which when put together help tell the story. Some of my class favorites were Jessie's, Blia's, and Martin's. I really enjoyed Jessie's story of the bean, coal, and straw. I liked how colorful and eratic her imagery was. as for Blia's her drawings were excellent and very skilled for being digital I thought the whole thing was very beautiful. Finally Martin's had a very clean and simple way of telling his myth. I liked th consistent feel of clip art within his piece and I also liked how he turned it into a movie.