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April 24, 2006

the mysteries


For this project I worked with Jessie and Martin on a simple short annimation on the architectural design. Jessie and I each took actual pictures of places at elusies and traced over them secton by section. I scanned in each part seperatley so once they were fit together the annimation would look like it is building up onto one another. Martin then took all of our imagery and put it together with some titles and music to make the final project.

I had an ok time with this project. at first it did seem really confusing at what we were suppose to be doing but after we came to a decison on what we were going to do it did not seem as bad. I wish our first ideas would have worked out because our original plan with getting actual video footage of the site would have been really neat. yet our backup idea i feel is a cute little piece that may work well in the final dvd.

ugly duckling

slide 4.jpg

for my storyboard project i decided to take the fairytale of the ugly duckling and transform it with a modern day twist. It begins with the duck being born in an inner city factory that breeds ducks for food. He is sad because nobody tags him and he gets kicked out. He then comes to a cat who is also homeless and they live together until he sees a swan flying by and becomes curious. he then relizes that he himself id a swan and he lives happily ever after.

I had a pretty good time doing this project. I have always been fasinated with annimation and story boards, so i was very excited to get to deal with this kind of medium. I drew all the characters and objects on paper, and scanned them in. All the coloring was done in the computer along with some digital manipulation.