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Carl Fudge

Carl Fudge was born in London and has lived in New York City for ten years. He uses digital technology as a step in his print, painting and drawing process. The picture in the Digital Art book is of a print called Rhapsody Spray I. I thought it was really interesting when I first saw it in the text. It has such a interesting color palette. On further inspection I began reading about the artist and I found out that the print I thought was this really cool design was actually a digitally manipulated scanned image of the Japanese anime cartoon Sailor Moon. I then looked closer and realized that was absoultly correct, this relization made me like this artist even more. If he can take a simple illustration and manipulate it into a very interesting piece of art then, that I feel is a great way to use digital technology. I also like that he uses the computer for his designs but the way he presents the final product is much more tradional such as a print.

In all his work he is intersecting some of the newest and oldest printmaking technologies. Many of Fudge's prints are complex digital reworkings of Japanese 17th century woodcuts and contemporary popular images. I really enjoyed reading about his other works as well because if you look close enough a lot of his images are regonizable subjects or old prints. His Spray series that was featured in the book is quite intersting as a whole. he took different color palettes to change the different manipulations of each print.

I think I was drawn to his work because I really love animation and I also like complex patterns when it comes to digital art. I think it is so interesting that he can take an image and with a computer he can make it his own. I think for him it was probably a very smart way to work. he does not have to come up with his original starting point because it is already made for him. He gets to do all the fun stuff with manipulation and personally I think that could be really fun. I also like the fact that he will screen print his work rather than using a printer. I think that element to his work is very unique and quite special when it comes to digital art.

To see some of his work go to: