December 2, 2004

Who are the real idiots, the fans or the players?

I was reading an article on today and apparently two fans that were involved with the Pacers-Pistons fight are now banned from the Palace in Auburn Hills (the Pistons arena). The guy that started it all by throwing the glass of beer, and the guy that walked out on the court and got in Artest's face (only to be dropped by a right hook from Artest), were both banned from all events in the arena.
Personally I think thats funny as hell. Most of the fans there that night acted like complete idiots. First of all, why would you waste a perfectly good glass of beer by throwing it at Ron Artest. At least finnish the drink and then throw the empty cup...but not the whole drink!
Secondly, after Ron Artest and half of the other Pacers players go around punching peoples lights out, why would you go out on the court and taunt them right in their face, and not expect them to do anything. The two idiots that went on the court deserved to get knocked out if you ask me.

Posted by lind1121 at December 2, 2004 1:43 PM