November 30, 2004

"Lets Kick Some A$$"

I am sure you all are aware of what went down in the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons game a couple of weeks ago. I was definitely shocked while I watched sportscenter replay the fight over and over in slow motion. I could not believe that a hard foul could escalate into an all out brawl between fans and players. I definitely disagree with the Pacers players going into the stands, but at the same time the fans need to know their role.
When viewing the footage with my friends we all laughed and were rooting on the Pacer players. However, I would be pretty angry if I was a parent and my kids saw this type of behavior. My opinion on the whole thing is that Artest and the rest of the Pacers players were completely out of line. As a professional athlete you are paid a lot of money and you have to have some pretty thick skin when it comes to situations like these.

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Purpose Statement

The purpose of this blog is to share opinions about high profile and highly paid professional athletes and what their role is in society. Many people feel that professional athletes have boundaries (as with any professional career) as to how they should act. Sometimes these athletes step out of these boundaries, for example like Ron Artest in the Pacers vs. Pistons game. I am interested in hearing other peoples' thoughts and opinions on these issues.

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