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Avatar 3D

So using blender was a lot easier and less painless then I thought. I used a technique I learned when I used to play a lot of games on Gamespy hosting service. (I think I was 10 or 12 yrs old). I just opened up the texture maps of the model and edited on my face, changed the colors around to something I like and viola! Avatar.
Pics below

Photo 1.jpg

Picture 1.png

Picture 2.png


Blender and Celtx

Downloaded Blender to use in the avatar project.

Also I found Celtx, a free open source script and storyboarding program for use in Eaten Up.

Inspiration for Eaten Up's style

Man and a cat at the end of the world
, this was the first short I saw that convinced me I could do an entire piece in just after effects, on my own.

is an almost too creepy piece done by a ex-Pixar animator. It shows that the digital medium does not need to just be kids movies.

Frank Chimero's
short about our prison systems uses the animation style I am looking for.

Bits & Pieces
is just a cool, well done animation that creates a film-noir feel.

Bill Melendez
is a pioneer for rich story telling in a cartoon format.

just blew me away, totally not what I was expecting when I first stumbled upon it.

3D stereoscopic tutorials

I found these helpful when trying to film this weekend. I also built a stereoscopic camera rig and jib.


Now I just need to figure out a way to circular polarize a standard projector.

Project 1 > Avatar

Due next Thursday
10" x 10"
Avatar self portrait

eaten up

Today is the first day of production for an animated short, "eaten up".

It explores the topics of greed, delinquency, and moral ambiguity in a different format: a childish cartoon.

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