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andy goldsworthy

Andy goldsworthy through his art and sculpture seeks and feeds off of the energy of landscape. If speaking of landscape in terms of everything surrounding us, people, buildings, nature, cities are a mecca of energy. All of the surroundings feed off of eachother, much like goldsworthy tries to do with his artwork. my favorite installation from the video was when he was working in the sheep field. he first explained how sheep and farmers have shaped the environment they live in in turn making it a traditional and ideal place for farming, and then goes on to incorporating both the sheep and the boundary in his art. In a city, we have shaped the landscape, it isn't a natural environment, but it has adapted to fit our needs like the field did for the sheep.
A city also creates flow in our lifestyles. someone who lives in a city needs it, but is almost forced to appreciate nature, and the other way around. it would be very hard to live without one or the other.
a city is also the perfect area to observe transformation. as a city grows, new things are added, both physically when new buildings are built, and culturally when more people with varying ethnities are welcomed. there are often particular areas with heavy populations of particular ethnicities, but living in a single city. buildings and people become old and need to be replaced with new ones. andy goldsworthy spoke of this concept in his own town, where people had either strong optimistic or pessimistic approaches. he watched his children grow up and be the youngest on the street, and was happy. while a bitter old woman only talked about how all of her friends had died, and she knew barely anyone.