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Hong Kong is smarter than we are.

i just deleted a really long entry. this may seem a bit more angry than I intend it to be. Anyways, Minneapolis is really awful at public transportation. Sure we have buses, but they're really not that great. They only go so many places and there are a lot places in Minneapolis to go. Our road systems are silly and under construction constantly causing stupid stupid traffic. During rush hour it takes me 2 hours to travel 40 miles south because we can't figure out that roads don't need to be blocked off 6 months in advance of the actual construction date. I want to yell at someone, and it's not just me, maybe the worlds most impatient person, but anyone waiting for a traffic light to cycle 3 times before going would probably agree with me. anyways, i also hate waiting for buses that are always late because our roads are always under construction. But maybe if we had figured it out like any other smart city has already, we would have put in an underground system. They cause as much pollution as cars do, they don't take up any room like the light stupidly does which messed up hiawatha and they're really convenient. Hong Kongs on a freaking island and they have the best one I've ever seen. Not to mention their public transportation in general, but maybe that comes with having millions of people. Even so, we should have one.
I realize that putting one in would be really difficult and ridiculously expensive, but we're killing the ozone here, and we've only got one. But we can start small. If people traveling shorter distances didn't have to be on the roads at all it would minimize traffic enough to make us want to put in an underground everywhere. okay, wishful thinking, but still. In the long run, any transportation that got cars off the roads would be beneficial. And taking a subway is fun, sitting in traffic killing the environment is not.