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Queen of the World

I have absolutely no clue what this question is actually asking for. What would I do, released from the constraints of architecture school, lyrically, artistically, bodily that would affect the environment.
So, taking a stab at it, Everything I do technically has an affect on the environment in the first place, with or without regard to architecture school. Everytime I drive somewhere, write on something, eat, use hairspray. There's probably a hole in the ozone layer lingering over my head. So whether or not I'm in architecture school really has nothing to do with my negative affects on the environment.

hole in ozone.jpg

But if i were not within the constraints of architecture school, I would probably like to be queen of the world, I would live somewhere where everything would be ripped apart and redesigned until PERFECT. Impossible you may say? of course it is, because everyone has different ideas of the perfect anything. But again, if I were queen of the world. In my perfect state everything would be designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible. Every building will be planned with both it's users and the environment in mind, so that it was suited for it's needs but used things like natural heating and cooling. Which I think is really cool by the way, those screens in Morocco that act as natural refrigeration? There will be one on every single building along with a cooling fountain.


So by affecting the environment, I would try to have as little affect on it as possible.

And because I've always secretly wanted to be Madonna, I will be, but better. I'll have songs about how we don't need to live in a material world and everyone will dance to it.