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March 13, 2008


What our term project ends up looking like isn't really up to me. I honestly have no clue how to make the thing we're making, should probably figure it out sometime soon. Anyways, I still like to look at good-looking things. Here are some of them, and maybe I can persuade them to make it interactive...


this is an example of how I probably wouldn't want it to look. It burns to look at


These are really clean. Super clean.



I like how the Tate website let's you explore the rooms, it's really clear and readable. I like when things don't confuse me. I would like for ours to be easy to navigate, enough so that you want to read it.
And again, being interactive would make it far cooler (but I couldn't make it as good as it is if my life depended on it, so I won't get picky). Even so much as the Stella website at the beginning. And i like bright colors and clean layouts. Ours looks pretty good so far. It isn't painful to look at or anything.