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I wrote about my volunteer experience each time. And here are the entries.

February 20th:
This was my first day volunteering at the Augsburg Fairview Academy charter highschool. It's on Hennepin by the Orpheum and Pantages Theaters. I wish I had gone to highschool in downtown Minneapolis. I was told I would be helping in the math department, which kind of worried me. I'm alright at math, but probably not good enough to be responsible to teach it. I was helping with the older group of kids today, they were doing things I slightly remembered but hadn't done in years, so I was a little hesitant about ruining their hopes of a successful future in math. Hopefully I haven't sabotaged their careers. In a couple weeks it will be the younger kids because they rotate age groups and subjects they're taking throughout the day, and since I'll always be here on wednesdays from 11;30 to 1;30, the group will change.

March 5th:
The kids were preparing for a test this week. I feel awkward that I'm only a year older than a lot of them. I think I also come from a totally different background than most of them, which is cool, but I'm not used to it. I don't think they are either, though. Sometimes they say things I don't understand at all, and they know it. Some of the kids are a little harder to control than others, who put a lot of work and energy into studying during class and doing their assignments. I have a lot of respect for the people who run the program. It would be really hard to pay attention to all of these kids, and care about what they are doing.

April 23:
I haven't been here in awhile because I had springbreak and then they did. It's the younger group now. They're working on different types of graphs. I understand most of what they are doing now, which makes me feel better about helping them. I just needed to look up a few examples. The classroom environment is completely different than what I am used to. They have way more freedom than I did, they can leave when they want to, they answer their phones, and listen to music out lout. Maybe they're not supposed to... I never thought of that. But still, my highschool was way more strict. Now they're working on an assignment where they collect data and put it into different types of graphs and will have to present it to the class explaining which graphs work best and why. It's kind of a cool assignment actually. They are really nice kids in this class, even though sometimes it's hard to focus them once they've become distracted, they are pretty respectful and do their assignments. They really like their math teacher too, which I think helps. It's always easier to do what you're told when you like the person telling you. Still, I don't have the patience to ever be a teacher, but I'm glad some people do.

April 30th:
Today a couple of girls presented their graphs. They did really good jobs on them. A couple of the people who were supposed to present decided to just do it for the teacher, I think i may have made them nervous, I feel a little bad about it. But the people who did go really understood what they were talking about and what the graphs they had made showed them. I was impressed. No one really needed help today, because they all had to have their assignments finished for today, and weren't assigned anything new they would need help on. I felt a little useless, but I did help a girl finish hers so it would be on time, so i guess that was alright. I think next week is my last week. I'm a little sad, I've liked doing this. I think their school year is a lot longer than ours, so I have to leave before their done. I hope they finish the school year alright. I'm also interested to see how the seniors do, or what they do after highschool. I think this is only their second year open, so it will be interesting to see the results. I didn't really get to know any of the seniors though, unfortunately.