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last volunteer journal

May 7th.

Today was my last day volunteering at the Augsburg Fairview Academy highschool. I usually help the students with their math homework for the whole 2 hours, but this time I was sent to science for the last half. I was with a new group today and met kids I hadn't before. One of the girls asked if I'd be back next week to help with a project, and I'm actually a little sad that I won't be. I was skeptical of helping at a highschool when I first started, but I've grown to like it a lot. It's a very different environment than when I went to highschool and it's an interesting change, especially in terms of schedule and structure. They rotate subjects in a way that you'd become bored less often, which I think could help any school system. Although I'm relieved that school is over for the summer, I wouldn't mind volunteering there again at all. The teachers and other people who work there are very understanding and nice people, and I like the students as well. I hope they finish the year off well, and that they're all back next year.