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Response 1

The first presentation I'll respond to was done by the group researching HIV/AIDS.

This group focused on subsaharan Africa and Southeast Asia. The started by reading their goal and then giving facts about the disease and then went into how it is spread. I though this was relatively unnecessary. Perhaps if they had had all the time in the world to present, it would have been acceptable, but they didn't and most of us know what AIDS is. They also decided to research the education and prevention on AIDS. They showed a map that helped us understand the parallel between literacy rates and AIDS, which was interesting. They went on to tell us that the best way to prevent AIDS was to educate people and be responsible; both things that have been thought of a million times. I understand that their goal was hard because it was so broad, but I feel like they could have found a fresh idea somehow. They went into the conditions of people; like their living conditions, water, and especially society in rural areas. They said that 2 nmillion people die a year from aids in those two regions. I can't remember how many died globally. They then said that AIDS can be blamed on a corrupt government, lack of education, and the cost of treatment. I thought they did well on their presentation, and their information was interesting for the most part, but they didn't ever come to a significant conclusion that I saw. The statistics they gave were devastating and kept our attention, but I think they could have done more with the future options; maybe sometime with charities, or designed some sort of missionary that educated people in these areas. These already exist, but they could have expanded the ideas. But who knows, maybe they ran out of time, or explained something I completely missed.