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Response 2

This group was responsible for environmental sustainability.

They focused on how we can ensure environmental sustainability. I chose to respond to this particular group because it was one of the only goals that affected developed countries. They started out by stating problems with the environment and how bad our footprint is. Then they went on to explain environmental health and what it means exactly to 'be green', which I liked because it isn't really explained that often. The format of their research was a website, and then the created a little booklet to promote it. Each page of the book had a different idea we could all use to help save the environment, like buy organic clothing or drive hybrid cars, or less often. A couple things they said, like about how hybrid cars aren't perfect, wasn't necessary because we all know that, but for the most part it was concise. I can't find their website, but I wish I could because it looked really well done. They had a really straightforward goal, and did a good job finding solutions that everyone can take advantage of. Most people can't afford to go out and buy a hybrid car, but they probably can shower less or buy more organic clothing.