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Collaborative Group Project

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Our group has decided to continue with our original idea. We will be using the art display case and print large images in the background with vertical stripes adding negative space and then having real tree branches with our images shredded on the branches to create unity between the background and the images.

Here is a mock up!

mock up.jpg


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Digital Focus Ideas

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I have two ideas for my digital focus project:
My first idea is to take pictures of downtown duluth, popular attractions with a different perspective, not just the usually lift bridge and lighthouse pictures. I then want to remix these images to create a collage images of duluth. I will then print them on popular tourist materials such as canvas bags, keychains and mugs and t-shirts.
The images would be similar to:


For my second idea I am thinking about continuing my remix from digital studio 1. I am using my surfing remix images, I am going to further create collages with the remixed images and then create a eco friendly campaign to keep the beaches clean. I will do this by printing the images on this such as reusable bags, waterbottles etc.

Here are some images from my early remix project that I am going to base the collages off:

CopyWRONG Fair Use

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Overall, throughout all of my images, I believe that I didn't violate any fair use laws. In most of my images you cannot see or recognize that the original image is present at all. Some of the images where I think that I am on the edge of the fair use laws are in the ones where I just played with opacity and layering. In those images you can see the original image more so than in the other.

Tweed Progress 5 images

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Tweed Remix Progress

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Here are 4 images in the first stage of the Tweed remix project.






Image from the Tweed Collection

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For the next assignment I am choosing this image to work with:


Image name: Early December Snow 1945
Artist name: Charles Burchfield
Info: (American 1893-1967) Watercolor on Paper 25 x 29
Why I like this Image: I think this image depicts life in Minnesota very well. Its a sight I see daily.

About Me

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I am a junior at UMD and I am majoring in graphic design with a business administration minor.

Winter Remix Project

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For the first project in Digital Studio 2 with built an image bank and then created remixed pieces from that image bank.


Here is a link to a photo gallery: http://www.d.umn.edu/~linde386/winterremix

Here is my idea for an installation:


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