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For my project I am debating on either printing the final images on a series of water "go green" awareness posters or using a water slide decal method to transfer the images on to a series of reusable water bottles.

Below is a few tutorials on how to use the slide decal method:

Images from New Work

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Images of Past Work Relating to Project

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Inspiration: 5 artists

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Isa Rodriguez
What inspires me most is her collage work. She uses a lot of the same techniques as I do, like using white lines and repetitive gridded space in her work.

Glenda Musilek
What i like most about her work is her use of colors and the way she merges them. I like how she use the blue technique to create interesting different lines and patterns throughout her work.

Ralph McMillian
I enjoy how McMillian uses color throughout his work. He centralizes the color in the part of the image that he wants the view to focus on. I find this really interesting and hope to somehow incorporate this into my own work.

David Mac Innes
I picked David Mac Innes as and Inspirational artist because I really like the way he constructs his collages. The have a very cubism feel to them, with straight lines and sharp edges.

Micah Ray Aills
I enjoy Aills's work because his images of water because these are exactly the kind of images I have started to take for my project.

Collaborative Group Project Review

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For our project we each made two pictures to contribute to the display case. We all then printed the images and posted them in the display case. We then put up branches throughout our display case to go along with our photos of winter and trees. To go along with the lines in the images and the background we cut our second images in to stripes and laid them over the shredded paper which looks like snow.
The two pictures below are the images that I made that are featured in the display case.


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