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Critique 4

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This week I have been working on creating remixes of water. I have decided to go a different way with the project and instead of printing on water bottles, which wasn't working out so well, I am going to make a series of 5, 8.5 by 11 remixed water images that will be transferred on to plexi glass by the lazer-tran slide transfer method. Here are some examples of the remixed images I have been working on.
water remix.pdf

Critique 3

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For this week I worked in photoshop to create the images i will use for my project as well as making a mock up of what the images will look like on my water bottles. I am also currently making a mock up of what the images would look like on small canisters, so the images look more scientific rather than political. In the end I think I will also transfer some large water images to plexi glass in addition to my water bottle sequence.


Critique 2

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For critique 2 I practice the techniques that I am going to use for the final. I have decided to use the water slide transfer method on to stainless steel. I am posting pictures of my trial method as well as a picture of the actual water bottles I plan to use, which is a 12 oz stainless steel waterbottle.
water bottle.jpg

Critique 1


These are some remix images I have been working on...
With these images next week I am going to experiment with using bottle caps in my images. With making my images from bottle caps or printing my images on bottle caps and then taking pictures of the images and transferring them on to reusable water bottles. For the next critique I plan to have small samples of both of these bottle cap methods.

Here is a link to bottle cap images that I found very interesting and inspirational.
Bottle Cap Artwork
along with the other link from my previous post.

Digital Focus Updates

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Continuing with my digital focus idea, I am thinking about some how incorporating plastic bottle caps into my final piece. I am undecided on if I am going to make them part of the piece or have them be a kind of frame.

Here is a link I found about bottle cap art that I thought was very interesting.


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