Critique 1


These are some remix images I have been working on...
With these images next week I am going to experiment with using bottle caps in my images. With making my images from bottle caps or printing my images on bottle caps and then taking pictures of the images and transferring them on to reusable water bottles. For the next critique I plan to have small samples of both of these bottle cap methods.

Here is a link to bottle cap images that I found very interesting and inspirational.
Bottle Cap Artwork
along with the other link from my previous post.


I like the ideas that you have so far. I would just try to experiment and really break down what you really want to do. I like the photographs that you have altered and think that putting them on a bottle cap would be very interesting. If you put together a small number of caps and transferred images to the tops of them and then displayed them as a scene I think that would be really cool. Just something to think about. Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

I like your idea of putting images of water onto water bottles. I think all the images you use should be of only water though. I like the idea of putting the images onto bottle caps too, but I think you should go small scale with that if you do because of time. Otherwise I like the idea.

You've got a lot of ideas, I think the bottle cap one seems a little off from your original idea, and I'm not sure the connection with bottle caps vs water. But you could make it work. I like your idea of putting the images on water bottles. If your images had a little more contrast in them, I think that would make them a little better too.

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