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Digital Focus Final Reflection

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Project Focus/Title: Water Remix Series

Media: For my project I created remixed images using photoshop and illustrator tools and effects to create my images. For materials and tactile use I used 8x10 plexi glass and then transferred the image using the Lazer Tran slide transfer method with the use of water and turpentine.

Size + Format: I created a total of 5 remixed images for this series that measured 8x10 to fit on the 8x10 plexi glass.

Conceptual Ideas/ Subjects: For this project I investigated the subject of water. I love taking water photos and the beautiful mix of blue color tones that changes throughout different bodies of water. My concept at the beginning of the project was to show the pollution that water goes through, in several countries in the world. After working a lot on that project It just didn't visually appeal to me. So I stuck with my strong suit, which we had worked on earlier in the year and remixed images of the water to make them beautiful remixed works of art.

Work Process on Finished Pieces: As I was working I came up with some issues on making my images on the lazer tran adhere properly to the plexi glass. To solve these issues I used turpentine to help the lazer tran have a stronger hold to the plexi glass. Although after many tests and attempts with the turpentine I did run in to a few problems with the ink starting to peel. I was also very hard to get the bulbs out of the images once the turpentine was used because of the strong hold it has. These issues were not resolved but after taking another look at the images the bulbs as well as some of the smudges of ink work well with the water theme, and with the plexi being slightly transparent you can't really see these imperfections.

Evaluation of Final: I am very please with my final images I think that they are very visually appealing and really go well with the water remixed theme. They are interesting pieces of work that are new and unique. With the exception of a few minor imperfections during the transfer method, overall I am very please with how my final images and pieces of work turned out.

Presentation: The presentation of this art work, ideally would be hanging in a museum with some type of clear fish wire or twine. For class purposes this will be presented on small clear plastic stands.

Expand Creative Work: If I were to expand on this creative work I would find a way to merge these images with the water bottle idea that I started this project off with. I would merge these images with type and take more of a graphic design approach to make a political statement with statistics and images.

Critique 4

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This week I have been working on creating remixes of water. I have decided to go a different way with the project and instead of printing on water bottles, which wasn't working out so well, I am going to make a series of 5, 8.5 by 11 remixed water images that will be transferred on to plexi glass by the lazer-tran slide transfer method. Here are some examples of the remixed images I have been working on.
water remix.pdf

Critique 3

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For this week I worked in photoshop to create the images i will use for my project as well as making a mock up of what the images will look like on my water bottles. I am also currently making a mock up of what the images would look like on small canisters, so the images look more scientific rather than political. In the end I think I will also transfer some large water images to plexi glass in addition to my water bottle sequence.


Critique 2

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For critique 2 I practice the techniques that I am going to use for the final. I have decided to use the water slide transfer method on to stainless steel. I am posting pictures of my trial method as well as a picture of the actual water bottles I plan to use, which is a 12 oz stainless steel waterbottle.
water bottle.jpg

Critique 1


These are some remix images I have been working on...
With these images next week I am going to experiment with using bottle caps in my images. With making my images from bottle caps or printing my images on bottle caps and then taking pictures of the images and transferring them on to reusable water bottles. For the next critique I plan to have small samples of both of these bottle cap methods.

Here is a link to bottle cap images that I found very interesting and inspirational.
Bottle Cap Artwork
along with the other link from my previous post.

Digital Focus Updates

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Continuing with my digital focus idea, I am thinking about some how incorporating plastic bottle caps into my final piece. I am undecided on if I am going to make them part of the piece or have them be a kind of frame.

Here is a link I found about bottle cap art that I thought was very interesting.

Links to Tutorials/ Material

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For my project I am debating on either printing the final images on a series of water "go green" awareness posters or using a water slide decal method to transfer the images on to a series of reusable water bottles.

Below is a few tutorials on how to use the slide decal method:

Images from New Work

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Images of Past Work Relating to Project

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Inspiration: 5 artists

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Isa Rodriguez
What inspires me most is her collage work. She uses a lot of the same techniques as I do, like using white lines and repetitive gridded space in her work.

Glenda Musilek
What i like most about her work is her use of colors and the way she merges them. I like how she use the blue technique to create interesting different lines and patterns throughout her work.

Ralph McMillian
I enjoy how McMillian uses color throughout his work. He centralizes the color in the part of the image that he wants the view to focus on. I find this really interesting and hope to somehow incorporate this into my own work.

David Mac Innes
I picked David Mac Innes as and Inspirational artist because I really like the way he constructs his collages. The have a very cubism feel to them, with straight lines and sharp edges.

Micah Ray Aills
I enjoy Aills's work because his images of water because these are exactly the kind of images I have started to take for my project.

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