Final Icon Cards

Entry 3-8

Entry 8:
I had a dream that my coworkers and I were diving for Mac laptops in a small never-ending pool. This dream left me feeling confused.

Entry 7:
In my dream I ended up getting off at the wrong bus stop. I was in an ally and these people were asking me for money. I said I will give you all my money if you promise not to chase me. So I threw the money and started running as fast as I could but they continued to chase me. This dream made me feel scared but reenergized at the same time.

Entry 6:
I was at a twins game except it was at Yankee stadium in New York City. As all the fans start signing the Yankee song, I start to sing the Twins song. The whole crowd stop turned around and gave me the evil look. It was very scary.

Entry 5:
In this dream I was scamming people out of their money at a tanning solon. I was telling everyone that went in that if they pay me $10 extra then will get the instant tan. They were going to get the same tan either way so I made a lot of money. It made me feel pretty greedy.

Entry 4:
I had a dream that I was being pulled by a dog on rollerblades. As I was being pulled i was jumping everything and doing all kinds of tricks on fences and buildings like I was a professional. It made me feel very free and calm.

Entry 3:
In my dream I was a tug of war rope and my roommates were pulling either arm. Even though it was very painful, it was stressful more than anything.

Entry 2

Last night I had a dream that Uncle Jesse from full house was in duluth and was going to let me and my friend drive his motorcycle around the cliff paths my Gooseberry falls. He let us know that the motorcycle was his pride and joy and if anything thing happened to it we would be dead. As I started driving along the path I thought I was doing well until I came to a really sharp turn. I cranked the wheel to the right thinking that that would help. But since I was going so fast the motorcycle slid out from under me and all I was holding on to was the handle. As the motorcycle flung over the edge I let go of the handle and watched in fall in to a deep canyon full of trees until it disapeared in to the dark.
I don't really understand what this dream was about but I think It had something to do with my fear of riding motorcycles. Why it had uncle Jesse form full house in it I am not completely sure. I have realized that a lot of my dreams have tv stars in them in some way. I think this might mean I watch way to much tv.
For this image I think I will use parts of a motorcyle all jumbled up.

Entry 1

I decided to do my project on what I dream about. I usually only remeber my dreams if I think about them or write them down right after I wake up. I think it will be interesting to see how some of my dreams relate to what I went through that day and some just don't make any sense at all. So yesterday I was dreaming that me and the character Fin from the tv show Glee were trying to catch a mass murdered. As the guy stepped on the plane we tryed to jump on behind him but the door closed to fast. We then decided it would be best to jump in the cargo part of the plane and serch for evidence that would help us catch the murderer. While we were suffling through all the bags and looking for evidence we started to notice that the plane was suddenly spining in circles. All of the sudden Fin had a parachute and grab me and jumped out of the plane. On the way down we looked back just in time to see the plane explode. We then landed in the school gym of the show Glee and discussed our adventures with the rest of the cast.
Even though this dream was weird enough in itself it was also werid becase I Have only seen 2 episodes of Glee in my life and they were not even the day that I had this dream.

I think for this image I will use a parachute.

For my font I am thinking about using either Calibri or Tohoma. I really like the san serif fonts and I like the curved egdes that both calibri and tohoma have. Tohoma has a slightly heavier weight which I don't like as well so I am leaning more to Calibri.

Museum Project


My indesign document for my museum brochure project.

Ch2 & 3 Readings

This first reading talks a lot about the layout style and design. It talks about the importance or choosing the right layout for your project and how it can make or break your project. If focuses on making decision that are pleasing to the eye as well as organizing information clearly. For my project I decided to use the grid stucture of the rule of thirds. In my project I am using photography for some of my images and since the rule of thirds is used a lot in photography I thought that it would appropriate.

The second reading focuses more on the grid layout than the first. It stresses how important it is for the designer to take the grid layout in to consideration because the grid can make elements that make different elements go together that would normally not be used together.

Mood board

Contemporary Design

This picture I found is by Naja Conrad- Hansen, it is called the coveted. This image reminded me of the Futurism / Surealism time period that we talked about in class. The bright colors and the repetitive black and white lines along the outter edge were similar to the design we saw in the Futurism / Surealism time period.

Magazine Article

I found this article in the Newyorker. The article is called "Not Your Fathers Taliban." The article is about a new free podcast that you can download where they poke fun at the taliban and make up a fake tailban person. They play music and have games that they say the "new" taliban listen to and play. I thought this picture really went with the article because it shows a tailban member playing the guitar in between a cave, making fun of the taliban, which is the same concept as the article.


For the interconnection poster I wanted the viewer to get the idea that the whole world should connect with each other and accept each other's cultures. I used the world and hands to represent a plug, showing that the hands are connecting the world. I used yellow as the color of "connect" in the word interconnection to it symbolizes a light from a light bulb. I added a gray and yellow gradient to make the image stand out more.

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