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Just Tweet It

Just Tweet It

For my example I found a shirt that says "Just Tweet It" with a bird in the shape of the nike symbol. I thought this was funny becasue it takes a very common sports symbol and realtes it to a very common online blog site. Even though this image may not make as deep of a statement as the Iraq parodoy did, but I thought that this was a funny was to show a similar type of art work without the controversial meanings behind it.


I read the article anatomy 1 which was on iraq graphic design and how they use parody of things to make serious subjects have a funny twist. I thought the way they used "humor as a weapon" was very interesting. By using common graphics to grab the viewers attention and then changing a few key details can make a real statement. I think that the work in this article is very cleaver. The initail image grabs your attention, but then you need to take a second look and think about what the image is really trying to say.

4 Poster Ideas

International Design

Austrailian Aboriginal Art

This site has multiple examples of Aboriginal Austrialian art. It is very different than the art that we see here today. The designs look more like they are from a prehistoric time rather than a modern form we are use to seeing here. The images being used are austrialian aboriginal designs, animals and people. The colors they use in there artwork are very earth toned colors that you would likely find years ago. Since the images are mostly of native meanings to the Australians I don't think that people here would understand what they were trying to convey in there image. Most of the designs I saw were very abstract and had very few words. You really need to know at least some kind of background of the work to understand what they are trying to convey. The culture seems to have a major influence on the art work, most of the artwork is portraying something that has happened in there culture or something that they worship or believe in.

Graphic Design in Iran

I thought this article was very interesting. It was exciting to see the way Graphic Designer in Iran got there messages across. It was fun to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between our design and there design. I thought it was interesting how the author grouped our graphic design vs there graphic design. Our is two kinds, the local design intended for domestic use and the other kind is mainly those produced for contests and international contest design. While the author stated that in Iran there graphic designers are taught more to have there work presentable to the public. Overall I thought this article was very interesting, it was cool to learn about and see examples of graphic artworks from another country.

Charity Ads

I really liked this reading and I agree with their idea of keeping this simple and not complicated. When you trying to make an ad some designers can get caught up on the visual aspect of it and the message can get lost. Keeping things plain and simple may not be the most visually appealing for viewers but it gets the point across fast. Sometimes designers don't even have to change an idea, like the World Wild Life Fund, using a symbol that so many people know world wide is sometimes the best way to get your message across. I also realy liked the Comic Relif, i thought it was a nice change from the typical charity ads. Most charity ads are very sad and try to get you to feel guilt if you don't give to them, but a comical ad is a nice change in pace compared to what you usually, making it stand out more than others.



I found this website to be very helpful for my visual reasearch. This website had a very large varitey of pictures and texts as well as meaning. On many of the other websites the meaning of every image was aimed towards the same thing. With these however they all had different meanings. With them all meaning different things it really made you look at the image longer and think about what the image was trying to say and what message the artist was trying to get across. I also like this website a lot and found it very helpful to my project because many of the pieces of work involved more lettering and more of a typographical feeling rather than just an image, which is what I have decided to focus on. Overall this is one of the most helpful websites for my project.

Steven Heller

After looking over Steven Heller's newsletters it is clear that he knows what he is talking about. I thought it was very interesting that Heller had a different form of art work on his newsletter every day. I feel like subscribing to his emails is kinda of like buying your own graphic design book. He incorperates many tools and helpful tips to making your design great. I also thought that his newsletters were very helpful due to the fact that they are more current than a book might be. He is always looking for the latest styles and nice enoguh to update everyone who wants to know about his findings.

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