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Austrailian Aboriginal Art

This site has multiple examples of Aboriginal Austrialian art. It is very different than the art that we see here today. The designs look more like they are from a prehistoric time rather than a modern form we are use to seeing here. The images being used are austrialian aboriginal designs, animals and people. The colors they use in there artwork are very earth toned colors that you would likely find years ago. Since the images are mostly of native meanings to the Australians I don't think that people here would understand what they were trying to convey in there image. Most of the designs I saw were very abstract and had very few words. You really need to know at least some kind of background of the work to understand what they are trying to convey. The culture seems to have a major influence on the art work, most of the artwork is portraying something that has happened in there culture or something that they worship or believe in.

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