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Contemporary Design

This picture I found is by Naja Conrad- Hansen, it is called the coveted. This image reminded me of the Futurism / Surealism time period that we talked about in class. The bright colors and the repetitive black and white lines along the outter edge were similar to the design we saw in the Futurism / Surealism time period.

Magazine Article

I found this article in the Newyorker. The article is called "Not Your Fathers Taliban." The article is about a new free podcast that you can download where they poke fun at the taliban and make up a fake tailban person. They play music and have games that they say the "new" taliban listen to and play. I thought this picture really went with the article because it shows a tailban member playing the guitar in between a cave, making fun of the taliban, which is the same concept as the article.


For the interconnection poster I wanted the viewer to get the idea that the whole world should connect with each other and accept each other's cultures. I used the world and hands to represent a plug, showing that the hands are connecting the world. I used yellow as the color of "connect" in the word interconnection to it symbolizes a light from a light bulb. I added a gray and yellow gradient to make the image stand out more.

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