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I decided to do my project on what I dream about. I usually only remeber my dreams if I think about them or write them down right after I wake up. I think it will be interesting to see how some of my dreams relate to what I went through that day and some just don't make any sense at all. So yesterday I was dreaming that me and the character Fin from the tv show Glee were trying to catch a mass murdered. As the guy stepped on the plane we tryed to jump on behind him but the door closed to fast. We then decided it would be best to jump in the cargo part of the plane and serch for evidence that would help us catch the murderer. While we were suffling through all the bags and looking for evidence we started to notice that the plane was suddenly spining in circles. All of the sudden Fin had a parachute and grab me and jumped out of the plane. On the way down we looked back just in time to see the plane explode. We then landed in the school gym of the show Glee and discussed our adventures with the rest of the cast.
Even though this dream was weird enough in itself it was also werid becase I Have only seen 2 episodes of Glee in my life and they were not even the day that I had this dream.

I think for this image I will use a parachute.

For my font I am thinking about using either Calibri or Tohoma. I really like the san serif fonts and I like the curved egdes that both calibri and tohoma have. Tohoma has a slightly heavier weight which I don't like as well so I am leaning more to Calibri.

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