Entry 2

Last night I had a dream that Uncle Jesse from full house was in duluth and was going to let me and my friend drive his motorcycle around the cliff paths my Gooseberry falls. He let us know that the motorcycle was his pride and joy and if anything thing happened to it we would be dead. As I started driving along the path I thought I was doing well until I came to a really sharp turn. I cranked the wheel to the right thinking that that would help. But since I was going so fast the motorcycle slid out from under me and all I was holding on to was the handle. As the motorcycle flung over the edge I let go of the handle and watched in fall in to a deep canyon full of trees until it disapeared in to the dark.
I don't really understand what this dream was about but I think It had something to do with my fear of riding motorcycles. Why it had uncle Jesse form full house in it I am not completely sure. I have realized that a lot of my dreams have tv stars in them in some way. I think this might mean I watch way to much tv.
For this image I think I will use parts of a motorcyle all jumbled up.

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