Entry 3-8

Entry 8:
I had a dream that my coworkers and I were diving for Mac laptops in a small never-ending pool. This dream left me feeling confused.

Entry 7:
In my dream I ended up getting off at the wrong bus stop. I was in an ally and these people were asking me for money. I said I will give you all my money if you promise not to chase me. So I threw the money and started running as fast as I could but they continued to chase me. This dream made me feel scared but reenergized at the same time.

Entry 6:
I was at a twins game except it was at Yankee stadium in New York City. As all the fans start signing the Yankee song, I start to sing the Twins song. The whole crowd stop turned around and gave me the evil look. It was very scary.

Entry 5:
In this dream I was scamming people out of their money at a tanning solon. I was telling everyone that went in that if they pay me $10 extra then will get the instant tan. They were going to get the same tan either way so I made a lot of money. It made me feel pretty greedy.

Entry 4:
I had a dream that I was being pulled by a dog on rollerblades. As I was being pulled i was jumping everything and doing all kinds of tricks on fences and buildings like I was a professional. It made me feel very free and calm.

Entry 3:
In my dream I was a tug of war rope and my roommates were pulling either arm. Even though it was very painful, it was stressful more than anything.

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