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Magazine Article

I found this article in the Newyorker. The article is called "Not Your Fathers Taliban." The article is about a new free podcast that you can download where they poke fun at the taliban and make up a fake tailban person. They play music and have games that they say the "new" taliban listen to and play. I thought this picture really went with the article because it shows a tailban member playing the guitar in between a cave, making fun of the taliban, which is the same concept as the article.

Inspirational Social Link

After looking over all the links for our next project i found the Museum on the Seam: International Coexistence Project to be the most helpful of them all. I thought that unlike some of the other sites, this one showed a lot of really pictures and pieces of work at actually conventions and parades. I think that being able to not only see the work, but to see the viewers and how they reacted to the work. This website really gave me good ideas and inspiration that i think will make my project very strong.

Inspirational Website

This site is actually a blog written by a designer named Chris Spooner. I found this site very inspirational because it had very cool ideas by the writer and many other designers on how they interpret graphic design. The site is also very helpful because it has many links and tutorials on how to use some of the tools in indesign and illustrator that you may not normally use. The variety of images on the site gives you a lot to look at in differnet perspectives.

What I want to learn!

I'd like to learn more about graphic design in the buisness world and how it is used. I would like to learn more indepth on software in illustrator and indesign. I would also like to learn more about design and how to use it to get your message across through posters, brochures and other artwork.

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